AREA19 - skills area in north Reading

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AREA19 - skills area in north Reading

Posted on January 19 in Routes

Located in north Reading, Area19 has a range of jumps, drops and bermed trails to suit a range of experiences from new to experienced riders. Our aim is to provide a safe place to enjoy and develop riding skills, in an inclusive and friendly environment.

In 2020, during the pandemic, a few jumps and drops were built in a natural crater in woodland, just north of Mapleduham. As time went on, more lines, berms, and jumps were added, making it more popular but also more of a feature. When the landowners, Mapledurham Estate, were made aware of its presence, without insurance it couldn’t stay. With the trails set to be imminently demolished, Chris Wright and Max Darkins started conversations with the estate to make it a legitimate site, by setting up a charity, organizing insurance, and signing a lease with the estate. Nearly 2 years later, Area19 was created.

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