Bontrager Flash Charger pump

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Bontrager Flash Charger pump

Posted on May 24 in Reviews

What? Bontrager Flash Charger pump for tubeless tyres, £99.99 but can be found at £85 (see 

Why? OK so everyone now knows that tubeless is best, but there is no denying that it is a messy, shouty, sweary, frustrating process fitting tyres. Compressors are all well and good but they are more expensive, bulky, loud and non-portable, so I was more than happy to splash the cash on this new fangled pump by Bontrager, as it should save me more money in the swear jar before the years out.

How? It can be used like a normal pump, but flip the red handle down and pump (around 45 strokes to achieve max 160psi) to pressurize the chamber. When ready, with pump now attached to the valve, lift the lever and the chamber empties in one big phaaaaart to seal the tyre bead to the rim.   

Well, is it any good? It's worked a treat on all our tyre and wheel combo's so far, from skinny CX to semi-fat 3" and apparently works on full-fat tyres too. We know it's from the U S of A and they love to sue people, but did they really need to show such a large red zone from 160-220psi so idiots don't blow themselves up as the guage now runs for a whopping 0 to 220psi making it hard to fine tune to the exact psi you want. Apart from that and the basic feel plastic handle and standard valve head, the rest of it feels and looks pretty nice and is still performing well.   

Rating: 8.5/10  A better handle and more accurate pressure guage would make it spot on, but otherwise it's great and highly recommended. 

TOP TIP: The Airshot, at £60, is cheaper and works equally well, but you'll need a pump to go with it. So perfect if you have a good pump already and a good use for the extra £39 (or £25 if you've shopped around) can get you or if you're a budding DIY expert (or short of money) you can make/bodge your own pressure chamber (google & Singletrackworld are you friends here).      

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