Cheddar pump track - Needs you

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Cheddar pump track - Needs you

Posted on October 11 in Routes

The Cheddar Pump Track Project aims to bring a new sporting facility to the village for the benefit of local residents and especially for young people. We see this as an fantastic opportunity to provide a safe learning ground for young people to enjoy outdoor exercise and to develop their cycling skills. The project has considerable support from the local community* and has been supported by the majority of Cheddar Parish Council throughout.

Ride Mendips have worked extremely hard to raise well over £100,000 towards the project and have never asked for any funding from Cheddar Parish Council. Ride Mendips have also worked extremely hard to overcome multiple obstacles to the project, raised by Bristol Water and members of Cheddar Parish Council, to arrive at a new location and design that addresses all substantive issues.

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