Cut Gate trail work in the Dark Peak is almost compete

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Cut Gate trail work in the Dark Peak is almost compete

Posted on March 3 in Routes

“When we started the Cut Gate project alongside Ride Sheffield there was obviously some level of trepidation about how getting something done could change the path,” says Chris Maloney, committee member of Peak District MTB, and Keeper of the Peak on twitter. “But from the start, an absolutely essential thing to get in place was close relationships with important partners. And Moors For The Future were keen to hear our thoughts from square one and really open to what mountain bikers wanted from Cut Gate.

“The path is regularly in the top 10 of best paths in the UK to ride, so we were keen to ensure that they understood that – and they did, coming along to our meetings and listening to what we as mountain bikers would like to see,” adds Chris. “And looking at these photos, we’re really pleased with how the Cut Gate work is going. And there are helicopters too – who said advocacy was boring?”

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