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Fly Up 417 - NEEDS YOU!!!

Posted on March 26 in Routes

They're asking for people to email [email protected] with your comments which they'll forward to the Highways Agency.

The story so far...

On the week when we celebrated the 8th birthday of 417 Bike Park, this is news we wish we were not sharing. We have been in consultations with the Highways Agency since the A417 Missing Link project was approved. Due to the works planned, we had reached an agreement to install a temporary car park and visitor centre at the bottom of the park, and with the Highways Agency’s support, we currently have a planning application submitted to allow these changes to be permanent. It also involved rejigging a few trails, access roads, etc. The park would remain open throughout.

The relationship was working well until November 2023, when a change of personnel at Highways meant assurances we had been given were withdrawn with no explanation. We remained hopeful that agreements could be reached that would allow our business to continue as it is now.

However, the Highways Agency keep trying to rejig plans without any consideration of how the park works. At this stage, we contacted our local MP (Laurence Robertson) and it was only after he became involved that Highways agreed to a meeting on site to explain how their work affects the site. Their current plans would result in the park being uninsurable and the park would have to close. Since this meeting, we have had no further response from Highways.

As a result, we feel we have no other option than to go public with this situation. We are currently in the position where Highways could come in at short notice and start working.

As it stands, we are still open as usual. If you have made bookings, they are still being honoured. Please continue to book in confidence - if we are forced to close refunds will be issued.

We would like to thank our staff for their continued loyalty and support during this time and also thanks to you, our customer. You are part of what makes 417 Bike Park such a success now and hopefully in the future.

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