London to Brighton Off-Road Night Ride FAQ

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London to Brighton Off-Road Night Ride FAQ

Posted on July 29 in Events


I don’t like riding alone and I can’t convince/don’t have any mates daft enough to join me, is this a problem? Not at all, that’s why we’re organising the ride, to bring like-minded people together and enable you to take on an epic adventure that you may not have done otherwise. You’ll make new and better friends, who are more adventurous and fun than your old ones.

How do I get to the start? Kempton Racecourse is at the end of the M3, postcode TW16 5AQ or there is a train station in the racecourse car park. Cars can also be left in the racecourse car park (there will be a charge).

How do I get back to the start? Either by train, or pre-book a lift back in the minibus, e-mail [email protected] to book  Alternatively ask a friend or partner to meet you on Sunday morning, but remember to sell it to them as a fun get-together/romantic Sunday outing in Brighton.

How much baggage can I bring along? One small holdall/travel bag (aeroplane overhead locker size) only please, not a suitcase or we’ll be forced to tie it to the bumper and drag it to Brighton!

Will I be able to access my holdall bag en-route? No. You will need to carry what you need with you.

My lights are rubbish and this is a perfect excuse to buy myself some more, what do you recommend? Exposure Lights are excellent, offering a wide range of lights with great output, a robust build, are cable-free and provide great customer service. If you are interested in buying any lights contact us as we can get a deal on them. Also, Magicshine do very bright budget lights and also MTBbatteries are reported to be very good.

See Exposure Lights Outlet store for some great deals

What bike? A Cyclocross bike would be ok for riders who are used to (and like) a bit of pain and a challenge, but a MTB with bigger squishier tyres and suspension would be better for the techy sections and clattering into unseen obstacles which inevitably happens when night riding, or tired, or both. A hardtail is fine, although a short travel full suspension is ideal.

What tyres? Fast rolling, low profile would be good unless it’s wet, in which case it’ll be worth plumping for something with a little more bite to them. We’ll no doubt be answering and advising in the last-minute run-up panic to the event, especially if the weather is being…British.  

I’m now unable to make the date/haven’t trained enough/scared of the dark/chickened out, can I get my money back? I’m afraid we are unable to refund you, but you are free to pass on/re-sell your ticket. Both parties need to confirm the change with us though please.

What refreshments will be available? There will be three checkpoints along the route which will have some food and drinks. There will be a breakfast bap and hot drink (to buy) at the end too. Please let us know of any dietry requirements. 

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