Lost in the Wilderness

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Lost in the Wilderness

Posted on October 27 in Tips & tricks

The post susggests that if you get lost and your phone battery is dying or you can’t get service, you should update your voicemail with your location, the time, and an explanation of your situation (as voicemail still works when your phone is dead). However S&R recommend you contact someone if you need them, not wait for someone to hopefully call and hear your (vague at best) voicemail message.

Ideally, before you leave to go riding you should:

  • Leave a 'ride plan' of where you plan to ride, what time you are setting off and expect to be back, and information of the people in the group
  • Have a 'late back procedure' so if you aren't back by a certain time, that person knows to raise an alarm.  
  • Take an external battery, compass and paper map.

Some other useful tips to know include:

  • Even if you don’t have a phone signal, you might have enough reception on another network to call 999 (as all providers allow emergency calls). 
  • A moving target is more difficult to locate, so stay still after calling for help. 
  • Save calls for the emergency services, text anyone else to reserve battery.
  • S&R may text you and some we work with use WhatsApp which shares your location when you reply to their message.
  • Conserve phone battery: close down apps, turn off push notifications, keep your phone warm, set to low power mode, turn off WiFi and Bluetooth. 

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