NEW Surrey Hills Bike Park - update

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NEW Surrey Hills Bike Park - update

Posted on March 30 in Routes

Trail Academy hopes to invest in the overgrown bike trail near Dorking which has been plagued by quad bikes during lockdowns.

The aim is to create a unique venue that creates a new customer experience with its focus on ‘progression’ (improving rider engagement, individual skills, performance, health, confidence and enjoyment).The park will not be a trail centre but a progression park that is inclusive, social and exciting, attracting riders wanting a place to try out new skills, a place to session and build confidence ready to take to the trail centres.

Surrey Bike Park will be packed with as many feature areas as possible to enable flow when riding trails. We will also be actively coaching riders to develop their skills and support social inclusion in the sport. Many individuals stop participation in sport because they reach a plateau in enjoying and developing their skills. This park will provide a beacon to individuals of all ages and abilities to enlarge participation, engagement and enjoyment.

The park will be a fully staffed site 6 days a week. We will be open from Tuesday to Sunday with Monday closed for park maintenance. Hours will be based on the season’s light availability.

Day passes will be available online from our website, £10.00 per day per rider.

There is also various annual membership options for adults and children and offer a range of discounted passes, including after school access, sibling discounts, student discounts, low-income families and people within the public sector - accessible to everyone and have locally sourced refreshments on site with a large picnic / seating area.

For more information see Surrey Bike Park and Facebook Page


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