Shoreham Bike Park - Needs YOU

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Shoreham Bike Park - Needs YOU

Posted on January 25 in Routes

Over the past 12 months positive talks have taken place with the council, who are supportive of the idea to create a park with a range of facilities such as: 

  • Pumptrack
  • Beginners pumptrack
  • Jump track
  • Bike trials and parkour area
  • Mountain bike skills course
  • Family mountain bike trail


There is still a lot of work to be done though so any help you are able to provide, whether its signing up in support, to turning up and providing a helping hand, please get involved and help spread the word by: 

1 Sharing the website and registering your support,

2 Follow Shoreham Bike Park on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, again share with your friends.

3 If you can, volunteer your time, skills, experience or enthusiasm to the project


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