UKs first indoor bike park

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UKs first indoor bike park

Posted on February 24 in General

Dirt Factory will open up in Manchester later this year if all goes to plan on the construction front, and will feature everything from a pump track to singletrack, dirt jumps, a kids area, a foam pit and use real dirt and grass to achieve it all.

After reaching the initial target of £300,000, the Dirt Factory team have now increased their target to £450,000 after “high demand from investors”, one of whom is entrepreneur, former Dragons’ Den star and mountain bike enthusiast Piers Linney. Piers said: “Dan and the Dirt Factory team contacted me a couple of years ago for advice on structure and how to develop their dream from a great plan into a business.

“This is a huge success for a determined team that is tapping into the huge growth in all forms of cycling and the Dirt Factory will be a UK first and will no doubt become another regional cycling hub. As a keen mountain biker myself, having the ability to ride undercover all-year-round will be very welcome.”

“We’re never going to replace the outside,” Mark McClure (from Dirt Factory) happily admitted. “We don’t want to. We’re trying to provide somewhere that gets people into riding and gives them the confidence to explore the outdoor trails. Somewhere that more advanced riders can come and have a go in wind-free, dry, controlled conditions.” 

To say that we’re stoked on the prospect of the UK’s first indoor bike park here at Mpora is an understatement. This could be a game-changer for winter riding and not only help already keen mountain biker’s hone their skills, but encourage a whole new generation of riders to get involved in the sport.

Once the campaign is over, the team will be looking to begin construction around May and get the trails open in late 2016. If you’re keen to get involved and own a little part of Dirt Factory for yourself, investment opportunities are available from just a tenner – and you can check out the Dirt Factory Crowd Fund campaign here

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