Uploading GPX files

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Uploading GPX files

Posted on March 11 in General

What & why? A question we get asked quite regulalrly is how can I upload a GPX file to my GPS. It's usually a Garmin unit tbf as they are a bit of a fiddle because they want to convert the .gpx file into their own .tcx file which records other fitness training data such as heart rate, etc. 


  1. Download the GPX file to your PC and save it (with a max. of 15 characters in the name)
  2. Turn your Garmin on & connect it to your PC - it should show in the devices & drives
  3. Click on the Garmin drive to open the folder and find the 'New Files' folder
  4. Drag the GPX file into the 'New Files' folder
  5. Disconnect your Garmin from your PC and then turn the Garmin off and then on again
  6. The route will now be in the ‘Courses’ folder on the Garmin and be ready to follow.


Top tip: For the best results we recommend you set the Garmin up

  • Routing - Bicycle
  • Guidance Method - Off Road 
  • Lock on Road - No
  • Recalculate - Off 

NOTE: To get the best results you need to set the system settings as so...

  1. Press 'Menu' then the 'Spanner icon' (bottom right) and then 'System'
  2. Press 'Map' and change the settings to the ones shown in the left image
  3. Next choose 'Routing' from the system menu and see the settings in the middle image
  4. Finally choose 'Avoidance Setup' from the Routing menu and see the settings in the right image 


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