What a winter!

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What a winter!

Posted on February 28 in Events

OMG how bad has this winter been!? And it's still not finished. 

On a positive though, we at RRG have been busy while in hibernation, so now have an 'Events' page on our website, listing a whole host of cycling events from Gravel to Downhill, as well as guided rides, holidays, festivals and demo days too. Have a look and even enter some to help motivate you and start dreaming of drier, happier times See here    

We have also been working hard creating a list of downloadable routes. We now have lots of man-made trails, such as Trail Centres, Bike Parks (including some indoor ones!), Pumptracks and others. They come in a FREE downoadable pdf format, providing you with a wealth of information, so you can plan how to escape your crazy muddy or flooded local trails See here  Stay tuned as we'll also be adding natural trails as well. 

One last thing which may also be of interest to you is an article we wrote for Cycling UK on 'How and where to ride in the winter', which you can See here   

We hope these will help get you through these cold, dark, and wet times.

Good luck, we're nearly through it and will soon be complaining about all the dust and funny tan lines...

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