Wingnut Hyper 1.8

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Wingnut Hyper 1.8

RRP £79.95
OUR PRICE £72.99

WINNER of Singletrackworld magazine's 'Small backpack test! 

FREE guidebook with every bag ordered (choose between Chilterns, North & South Downs, Wiltshire & Dorset or Exmoor & Dartmoor with your Hyper 1.8 order - just add the title of the book you want in the 'Comment' section when ordering.  

It's very nice to ride without a bag but not very practical, so Wingnut have come up with a smaller, more compact and unobtrusive bag which is ideal for shorter rides. The Hyper 1.8 retains the usual and unique Wingnut design features; keeping the weight low for improved comfort, movement, (back) breathability and on-the-back access Sidewing pockets (but without the mesh outer pocket), and everything just slightly smaller to provide a neat, minimalist bag, offering just over 5 litre capacity.

The Sidewing pockets can swallow your trail tools, wallet, phone, keys and food, and there is a separate (zipped) pouch for a (2 litre) bladder, leaving the main compartment for items like pumps, tubes, spare top, etc. The waterproof (sailcloth) material and waterproof zips keep everything dry too, and the whole bag weighs in at just under 400 grams!!! 

NOTE: Being small, this bag also fits children and ladies really well, and runners seem to like it too.

All Wingnut bags are designed and made in the USA, and exclusively imported to the UK and Europe by Rough Ride Guide. 

Check out the video on Wingnut's Facebook page here


Size, Colour
One size, Black
One size, Black & Grey
One size, Black & red
One size, Blue & Grey
One size, Khaki & black
One size, Khaki & grey
One size, Khaki & white cross hatch
One size, Purple and white cross hatch
One size, Slate blue with white cross hatch
One size, Turquoise with white cross hatch
One size, White cross hatch
One size, Yellow & Grey


  • Wingnut Hyper 1.8

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