Wingnut Hyper 2.5

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Wingnut Hyper 2.5

RRP £84.99
OUR PRICE £76.99

NEW STOCK ON ORDER - Expected late summer od 2021 (if we get a summer this year!)

NOTE: All Wingnut bags are designed and made in the USA, and exclusively imported to the UK and Europe by Rough Ride Guide. 

FREE guidebook with every bag ordered (choose between Chilterns, North & South Downs, Wiltshire & Dorset or Exmoor & Dartmoor with your Hyper 2.5, 3.0 - just add the title of the book you want in the 'Comment' section when ordering.  

We now have the New Limited Edition bags in from America, which have reflective strips, visible from the side and behind, reinforced shoulder strap anchor points and new larger gusseted Deluxe SideWing pockets.

The award winning Wingnut Hyper 2.5 is a bag like no other. The innovative design puts the weight of the bag right down onto your hips, getting it off your shoulders & arms. This not only keeps your arms from tiring, but means your back doesn't get so hot and sweaty, and puts the centre of gravity much lower, which really helps your riding.

The 11.5 litre capacity is roughly the same as a Camelbak Mule LR, but it weighs nearly half the weight (at just 450 grams). This size offers plenty for the majority of rides, making it our go-to bag for anything from a quick blast to a half-day ride. The big compartment is big enough to swallow a mini-pump, tubes, etc, as well as a spare top or leightweight waterproof coat, while the 2 waterproof, zipped side pockets are useful for things like phones, wallets, keys and trail tools. There are also 2 further mesh pockets which are useful for quick on-the-go access to items like trail food, a map, etc.

Note: Most bladders will fit, but we can highly recommend the Camelbak Crux Lumbar 3 litre reservoir, for a neat, snug fit.

Size, Colour
One size, (Floro) Orange & grey
One size, (Fluro) Orange & white cross hatch
One size, Black
One size, Black & Grey
One size, Purple and white cross hatch
One size, Turquoise & black
One size, Turquoise & grey
One size, Turquoise with white cross hatch
One size, White cross hatch
One size, White cross hatch & black
One size, White cross hatch & grey


  • Wingnut Hyper 2.5
  • Wingnut Hyper 2.5
  • Wingnut Hyper 2.5
  • Wingnut Hyper 2.5

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