Wingnut MPS

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Wingnut MPS

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Awarded the accolade of 'MOST WANTED' in MBUK magazines wrecked & rated review

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This is basically 2 backpacks in 1; offering a bag similar to an Adventure backpack, or remove a compartment to leave you with a bag similar to the Hyper 3.0. This makes it ideal for both normal day rides and bigger adventures and Bikepacking, and being the Daddy of the Wingnut backpacks, makes the most of its unique low-slung design, so even when fully loaded, the heavy weight won't be on your arms and shoulders and won't impinge on your riding.

The MPS (Modular Pack System) is similar to the Adventure bag, boasting a 26 litre capacity, zipped hip pockets with the quick access mesh compartment on the outside, a main compartment and a separate bladder compartment. It is also made of the same tough, light, waterproof sailcloth material and has built in reflective strips to keep you seen & safe at night on the roads.

The difference with the MPS though, apart from the additional small zipped compartment, ideal for your phone, wallet & keys is that the main compartment detaches from the rest of the bag to leave you with a smaller, slimmer pack for shorter rides, like the Hyper 3.0 but with a 'drop zone'  for items like body armour, photographers case, dry bags, etc, rather than a zipped compartment. 

MBR review (October 2016): We found the sizing of the different modules spot on — without the main compartment we had just enough space for a normal daily ride, with tools and spares, plus a compact waterproof and food. With it there is a full 26 litres, the bulk of which is in a single compartment — very useful for big bits of kit, like sleeping bags or other unusual items. The waterproof, sailcloth construction makes this pack one of the lightest on test, despite having the largest capacity. It also shed mud and water easily, and is tough as old boots. The ride is as good as any other Wingnut we have tried; the weight is down on the hips, keeping the centre of gravity low and making the waist belt work hard. It all felt very secure on the move, and even heavy loads sat well on the back. Score 8/10

Read bike Radar review awarding it 4.5 / 5



  • Wingnut MPS
  • Wingnut MPS

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