Wye Valley Greenway - A new family trail

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Wye Valley Greenway - A new family trail

Posted on April 26 in Routes

Looking for things to do with the kids? The new Wye Valley Greenway trail is a great day out!

The traffic-free trail winds its way 7km along the Wye Valley from the trail start at the National Dive and Activity Centre (NDAC)  to the picturesque village of Tintern.  It’s an entertaining journey that is made all the more special by travelling through a 1.1km long tunnel!

Note: The surface is unpaved, so bumpy (or muddy in the wet) in places.

Starting at the National Dive and Activity Centre (NDAC), Chepstow), the Wye Valley Greenway is a fully accessible cycle path to Tintern Abbey (in Tintern). 

From NDAC, there is a small section of cycle path before you enter the 1080m long Tidenham tunnel.  This tunnel was open to trains until 1981 to serve the local quarry, and through public funding (and the hard work of volunteers) has reopened to walkers and cyclists for the first time in April 2021.  This long, artificially lit tunnel then opens up to the quintessential picturesque views of the Wye Valley, with its steep sided, deciduous woodlands and the large, slow flowing river Wye.  The path continues for several kilometres along the valley floor, past the Devils Pulpit high above with its exceptional views.  The breathtaking 12th Century Tintern Abbey comes into view on the other side of the river and stays in sight as you cross the Wireworks Bridge to arrive at Tintern itself.

Once there, why not lock up your bike and have a wander around Tintern?  You have, of course, the CADW owned Tintern Abbey, which has bike racks outside and a water fountain. The Filing Station café, is a truly bike-friendly café, with refreshments, bike racks and bike tools. Or you can just simply head to the river bank to relax before heading back to the start, riding through the tunnel again

Bike hire available at Pedalabikeaway Wye Valley cycle hire if required. 

The Wye Valley Greenway


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