Hammers 8 - 26th April

Date: Sun 26 Apr, 2020

Venue: Hamsterley Forest, Bishop Auckland

Hammers is one of the most popular mtb forests in the north and for good reason – the trails are ace!  Now come solo or grab a mate for a day of racing.  There’ll be music, food and facilities so you can make a day of it.

You can enter as a solo and really push your limits.  8 hours is a curious distance as it demands a high pace but still long enough for endurance to have the final say.  Or go for it pairs as an eyeballs out race or just the fun of riding together.  Whatever you do our event team will make you feel wanted and encourage you every step of the way.

It’s all about fun.  You get out of the event what you want to.  Come for the atmosphere, come to meet up with friends or even come to renew old rivalries on the track.  The course is going to be a good mix of steady climbs and flowing singletrack.


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