Italy Divide

Date: Thu 25 Apr, 2024

Venue: Naples, Italy

The 1,250km Italy Divide follows fast rolling gravel roads (Francigena/Eurovelo7) with quite technical mtb trails in between to explore the wild and remote parts of Italy with a plenty mix of history along the trail. 

You will cross Naples, , Rome, Strade Bianche in Tuscany, Siena, Florence, Bologna, Mantova, Verona. Take your time for enjoy the most beautiful country in the world, eat the best food and wine.

A Gravel or MTB with fast rolling tyres will be best, for this 4-7 day unsupported adventure, where you decide your own accommodation, be it (wild) camping or a comfy B&B. GPS trackers are mandatory for your safety though.

Conquering the 1,300km Italy Divide |

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