Andorra Epic

Date: Wed 03 Jul, 2024 - Sat 06 Jul, 2024

Venue: La Massana, Andorra

Andorra Epic is a new, premium MTB race experience from the organisers of the Epic Series. The race brings together riders from around the world to indulge their sense of adventure, challenge their limits and discover the beauty of a country made for mountain biking. Riders will navigate the spectacular Andorran Pyrenees mountains in two-person teams over four days where the ever-changing landscape will enthral the senses and form the setting where memories are made, and lifelong friendships are forged.

Andorra Epic is about more than simply turning up and hitting the trails. Riders can expect a premium experience where every need is provided for and serviced, allowing each rider to enjoy their race to the fullest, knowing they are taken care of.

Nutrition, water and carbohydrate drinks are freely available at water points throughout the route, trained medical staff are on course and at the end of every stage, a bike wash service will ensure your bike is cleaned and ready for the next stage. Morning coffee, food and beverage in the race village means riders only need to focus on one thing: Having fun on the trails

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