Tor Divide

Date: Sat 18 May, 2024 - Sun 19 May, 2024

Venue: Edale, Hope Valley, Peak District

The Tor Divide is an unsupported, single-stage, fixed-route event crossing the Peak District along trails, bridleways, singletrack and quiet scenic roads.
The route starts in Edale at the foot of Mam Tor and finishes back in Edale after crossing the majority of the National Park.

The name of the event is inspired by the mother of all bikepacking events, the “Tour Divide” and the word “Tor” (hill or rocky peak) which we have in abundance in the Peak District (thanks Rich for the inspiration!).

You will have two routes to chose from: 150km and 250km long. The routes will share the start/finish point as well as most of the highlights. A hardtail or gravel bike with wide tyres are recommended for this.

As a self-supported event you will decide where & when to stop to eat or sleep. You will have freedom of choice on the accommodation used (if any) and pace, as long as you follow the principles of self-supported cycling (see more in the Rules and FAQs sections).

To be listed as a finisher complete one of the two routes in less than 36hours. But don’t let that prevent you from taking part and enjoying the adventure at your pace and over multiple days if you prefer.

In classic unsupported cycling fashion there won't be any money prizes for the first finisher - a memento might be provided to the first finisher - other than glory, celebrations and the sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line.

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