Appenninica MTB Stage Race

Date: Mon 02 Sep, 2024 - Sat 07 Sep, 2024

Venue: Italy

Appenninica MTB Stage Race will again offer all those ingredients that have made the event so sought after, but also some novelties and improvements. It will remain a race with a cap on the number of participants: this is the path that the organizers have committed to for the quality of the services, to avoid bottlenecks on the trails, and to enjoy that family feel that riders have come to appreciate. Also, Appenninica wants to feel part of the communities that host us and not mere tourists going by.

At the core of Appenninica, you have the beautiful landscape and the racecourse: the trails and the views that have captivated participants again and again. Riders have started defining it as “Real Mountainbiking”.

Appenninica MTB Stage Race takes place along the Apennine ridge between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. The format of the race consists of single riders (SOLO) with both a general classification (men and women) and category classification by age (men and women together).

The Appenninica MTB Stage Race is a competitive 6-day race that offers both beautiful trails and spectacular rides on the ridge. Our mountains offer all the ingredients to host the most important MTB event of its kind in Italy.

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