Trans Balkan Race

Date: Fri 31 May, 2024 - Sun 09 Jun, 2024

Venue: Balkans

1,350km across the ex-Yugoslavia borders, climbing 27,000 metres, 82% off-road and 99% rideable, crossing 4 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro)

The Trans Balkan Race is the ultimate off-road unsupported bikepacking race across the Balkans. Get ready for a captivating race in a region still percieved as remote and inaccessible. The TBR will deliver an unforgettable journey across karstic landscapes and thick forests through the history of ex-Yugoslavia.The TBR is an off-road race, and although there are no excessive technical difficulties, riding an MTB will allow you to enjoy it fully! You’ll ride through isolated mountain regions into some of the last untouched wilderness areas in Europe. Get ready to embrace the very challenge of this race: little to no human presence also means fewer chances of resupplying.

We designed the race to follow the most logical way from Slovenia to Montenegro while reducing concrete segments to the minimum. However, we wanted to avoid pointless hike-a-bike sections: we like to ride as much as you do! The result is a route that doesn’t display excessive technical difficulties. The real challenge consists of the environment and the climbing. Do not underestimate potential dehydration where resupplies are spaced out.

The climbing data says it loud and clear: the ideal bike for this race is an MTB with large tires and light mountain bike gearing. The route does not display excessive technical difficulties, however, in a number of sections the terrain is rough, and some short climbs can get quite steep. Overall, an MTB would definitely spare you some hike-a-bike (and saddle sore…).

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