Tour Divide

Date: Sat 01 Jun, 2024 - Sun 30 Jun, 2024

Venue: USA, from Canadian to Mexican borders

2,745 mile (4418km) takes in 200,000ft of climbing in a route along the spine of the Rocky Mountains from North to South between Canada and Mexico.

The route is called The Great Divide and is open to ride all year round but every June ‘Grand Departs’ are scheduled and riders begin the route from either end challenging the route together. There is no formal entry, no entry fee and no prize but kudos is given for the fastest time in 2018 being taken by Lewis Ciddor who travelled the route in 15 days 2 hours and 8 minutes. Incredibly that would mean he rode an average of 183 miles per day!

The event is totally self-supported and riders must be prepared to face miles of solitary trails with infrequent service stops. The landscape is remote, the weather is unpredictable and good navigation is key. Most competitors choose to kip for a few hours in a bivvy before moving on through the Continental Divide. 

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