Davagh Forest

There is a red, blue and green trail as well as a skills park and a pump track. 

16km Red Trail: Tough climbs and steeper descents with berms, big slabs, singletrack and rock drops.

7.5km Blue Trail: Twisty and flowing with some technical rocks sections. There is also an optional rock slab for experienced riders.

3km Green trail: Wide forest roads through woodland and along the riverbank. 

Skills Park: The features are independently graded. You will find drop offs, log rides, rock causeway, technical insides, boardwalk and climbing switchback.

Pump Track: The pump track is naturally progressive allowing you to ride the rollers and berms without pedaling but instead creating forward momentum through managing your weight distribution.

​WHERE: In the Sperrin Mountains, 10 km northwest of Cookstown.

Davagh Forest Trails


Route type: Trail Centre