Cantii Way - The next new long distance route by Cycling UK

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Cantii Way - The next new long distance route by Cycling UK

Posted on March 20 in Routes

Called the Cantii Way, it is a 145-mile (234 km) route beginning and ending in the village of Wye, close to Ashford in Kent. It is designed to be ridden over three to four days in one go, but with regular train stations along its length could also be split up over several weekends.

Sophie Gordon, Cycling UK’s campaigns officer behind the creation of the Cantii Way said:

“Kent is rich in history, rich in culture and rich in cuisine – all of which make it a perfect destination for the cycling tourist. At Cycling UK we feel with the Cantii Way we’ve struck the right balance between each of these.”

Using a combination of quiet ways, country lanes, byways and bridleways the route is designed to be manageable by anyone of reasonable fitness on most types of bike. Using part of the North Downs Way Riders Route Cycling UK launched in 2018 in collaboration with Kent Downs AONB, the Cantii Way takes riders deep into Kent’s rich history, vibrant modern culture and natural beauty.

The route is also designed to open up the “garden of England” to the cycling traveller. As they pass through well-known destinations such as Canterbury, Whitstable, and Dover, there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of the local produce available, with the orchards, vineyards, hop-drying oast houses and local farms making the Cantii Way equal parts culinary and cycling tour.

“Routes like the Cantii Way aren’t just great fun to ride, but they also bring a real benefit to the local rural economy,” said Sophie Gordon. “The people cycling through Kent’s network of paths and quiet ways will quite literally be fuelling themselves from the local shops, pubs and tea rooms they pass through – and many of these will be off the beaten track.”

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