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Jenn Ride 2022 - 28-29th May
Dorset Dirt Dash 100 and 50/50 - 28-29th May
Somerset Gravel Sportive - 28th May
Aberystwyth Cycle Festival - 28th May to 4th June
Gritopia - 28th May
Edinburgh Dash - 29th May
Roam Scotland Rally - 29th May
Great British Divide - July
British Escapade - 2-5th June
TransScotland - 3rd June
Edinburgh Festival of Cycling - 9th June
Brighton & Back - 11-12th June
Mendip Murmuration - 11th June
oxDURO20 - 11th June
Frontier 300 - 11-12th June 2022
Devon & Cornwall Trail - 11th-19th June
Yorkshire MTB Marathon - 12th June
Surrey Hills Bike & BBQ - 12th June
Cymru MTB Classic 17-19th June Cancelled
Lauf Gritfest - 18-19th June
Northants Navigator - 18th June
Gritfest - 18-19th June
Uptonogood? - 18th June
South Pennines Gravel - 18th June
Glenduro - 18th June
CotsDURO20 - 25th June
London to Brighton Off-road at Night - 25th June 2022
North Yorkshire Gravel - 25th June
WalesDuro22 - 2-3rd July
CX Century SDW - 2nd July
Lake District Gravel Epic - 2nd July
Salisbury Plain Gravel Epic - 3rd July
King Alfreds Way 5 day supported ride - 6th to 10th July
Manx MTB Enduro - 9-10th July
South Downs Gravel - 9th July
Dorset Divide - 15th-18th July
Chilterns Gravel X - 16th July
Yorkshire Moors Gravel X - 16th July
Grinduro - 22-24th July
Valley Burner MTB Festival - 23-24th July
Steel Valley Ride - 23rd July
South Downs Gravel X - 23rd July
West Berkshire Brewery, Bike n Beer - Sunday 24th July
TwentyFour 12 - 28th-31st July
Ard Rock Enduro - 29-31st July
Dirty Dun Run - 30-31st July
Surrey Gravel Epic - 30th July
Eroica Britannia - 6-7th August
EnglandDuro 6-7th August
Exmoor Explorer - 7th August
Deadwater 100 - 13th August
Cambrian Gravel Challenge 13-14th August
GBDURO22 - 13-23rd August
North Peaks Epic - 20th August
Peak District Gravel Epic - 21st August
Malverns Classic - 25-28th August
Raiders Gravel - 25-28th August
Big Bike Bash - 26-29th August
Galway Gravel Grinder - 27th August
PubDuroNYM - 27-28th August
Devon Grit - 28th August
ScotDuro - 3-4th September
Quantocks Quake - 4th September
HONC Hell of the North Cotswolds - 4th September
Cotswolds 200 - 8-11th September
Ridgeway 100 - 10th September
Dukes Weekender - 10-11th September
Ballater Dash - 17th September
Calder Divide Trail - 17-18th September
London to Brighton Off-road 17th September 2022
Keswick Gravel X - 17th September
Further East 17-18th September
King's Cup - 23-25th September
King Alfreds Way 3.5 day supported ride - 23-26th Sept
CX In The City - 24th September
Northumberland Gravel Epic - 24th September
Top of the Rocks Gravel Sportive - 25th September
3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross - 25th Sept
Salisbury Plain Autumn Gravel Epic - 25th September
PenDuro - 1st Oct
Dunoon Dirt Dash - 1st-2nd October
Lakeland Gravel Grinder - 8th October
Bear Bones 200
Chiller 24 - 15th October
Hammers 8 - 20th Nov
Suffolk Gravel - 23rd April

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