Downhill MTB computer game

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Downhill MTB computer game

Posted on May 29 in Reviews

Lonely Mountains Downhill computer game

First off, this game looks lovely. The simple but very artistic graphics and colours are just gorgeous, so much so its difficult to not find yourself just admiring the scenery and crashing. However, you don't have to just charge downhill at full-speed, there are moments when your character can stop, rest and enjoy the landscape. 

The game is an intriguing mix of serene exploration and high-speed reflexes, which was addictive and engrossing from the off. There is no set course, you can take the safe, scenic route with wheels on the ground, or the dare-devil lines with maximum air-time, it's up to you to explore and enjoy the freedom and beauty as you wish. Hold the brakes and skid down safely and slowly, or let them go and leap off ledges and see what happens, the choice is yours. 

We loved the way there are multiple routes get down the mountain, and some are not visible until you take the leap of faith; the joy felt after dropping down a cliff face which works out to provide a huge time saving shortcut is just wonderful and well worth exploring. The game keeps you coming back for more with new trails, bikes and kit becoming unlocked as you conquer the trails and you can even ride at night too!

Summary: We love it. It may be a simple game, with simple graphics, but is stunningly beautiful and great fun, with good controls and difficulty level and upgardes that keep us going back for more. And best of all, if you have Xbox Game Pass the game is currently FREE!!!

Top tip: If you are finding the controls confusing there is an option to change them

For a video sample of the game see VIDEO 


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