MTB bell

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MTB bell

Posted on May 3 in Reviews

We've heard a few complaints in recent weeks of riders racing past walkers with no proior warning, so thought we'd share the news with you that bells are now cool, and we have one we absolutely love. The Timber Bell. With this bell you can flip the lever as you approach someone and it will provide a lovely friendly tinkle which won't be mistaken for a 'get out of my way' ting that other bells can give. It design means that you can keep your hands on the bars while it tinkles away, and then flip the switch to quickly continue riding in stealth mode once more. 

Available in two variations: a clamp, or our favorite, the band, so you can quickly swap it between bikes. It's available from a few places, such as here online at Singletrackworld 

Worth it's weight in gold and should help keep the peace between riders and walkers.

Happy riding

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