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North and South Downs + expansion pack

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There is a huge wealth of beautiful countryside and excellent riding in this area, with the North Downs offering an excellent network of single-track trails, especially through the Surrey Hills. The wonderful riding stretches further though, and the South Downs offers a huge amount and variety of trails too, from big chalk hills with far reaching views, as well as brilliant steep or tight technical single-track hidden along the wooded escarpments.

Note: There is also a lot of good Gravel and Leisure riding on offer in this area, and a number of the rides in the guidebook are suitable for these thinner tyred bikes, when the more challenging sections are ridden slower and with care. 

With bustling towns and cities, or quiet and quaint villages to stay, eat and explore, or a coastline to cool off at, it is easy to see why it is so popular, but it is also surprising how quiet and remote you can feel and find by bike. So don't miss out, choose a ride, escape the strains of life and start enjoying an amazing adventure and experience close to home.    

This book covers Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent, so anything south of London, from Bracknell, down to Southampton, and across to Ashford.



  • North and South Downs + expansion pack

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