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RRG new events for 2020 - Register your interest now!

Posted on September 18 in Events


An epic 75 mile offroad night riding adventure setting off from London as the sun goes down and arriving in Brighton at dawn.

When? Saturday 13th June

Suitable for? Experienced riders; there are some technical trails, and long distance with limited visability

Description: Starting at Kempton Park Racecourse as the sun starts to fade, the route travels out of London through parkland, riversides and along canal paths, until it crosses the M25 and hits the proper dirt trails. With steeper gradients, roots and singletrack it's an exciting crossing as you pass through the North Downs in the dead of night, before joining the Downs Link for a welcome respite. After one last big climb up onto the South Downs, glorious views over Brighton in the early dawn light await you, before flying down the hill to the coast and along the seafront to Brighton, and a well deserved breakfast.




An 80 mile adventure following an ancient drovers pathway between Avebury and Ivinghoe

When? 25th July 2020

Suitable for? Intermediate to experienced riders; the route has a mix of easy double track riding along with some more technical sections and different route length options to choose from.

Description:  The Ridgeway Challenge can be cycled in its entire 80 mile length from Avebury to Ivinghoe or can be done as a choice of two shorter 40 mile sections from Avebury to Goring or Goring to Ivinghoe.

Starting from the mystic village of Avebury with its ancient stone circle, the route is soon following the ancient ridge along simple double track with far reaching and beautiful views. After dipping down into the charming market town of Goring, where the river Thames is crossed, the second half of the route becomes a more technical ride with some lovely sections of twisty singletrack before finishing at the historical Ivinhoe Beacon at the end of a (very) long day!




A 3 day, 300km epic off-road gravel ride from London to Paris

When?  July 2021 - date TBC

Suitable for: Intermediate to experienced riders. Not a very technical ride, but 3 long days in the saddle.


Day 1: 100km London to Brighton - the route leaves London alongside the river Thames, before joining the Wye canal, for a lovely picturesque ride which eventaually joins the Downs link, which heads towards the coast. However, the route first passes over the top of The South Downs, providing great views of the coast and Brighton below plummeting down to the finish at the coast. It's then aboard a ferry to cross the Channel before settling down for a good nights sleep in Dieppe. 

Day 2: 120km Dieppe to Gisors - starting off on the flat, well surfaced traffic-free Avenue Verte cycle path, the route then joins a nice mix of off road trails, including forest and farm tracks which leads through the quiet French contryside.

Day 3: 120km Gisors to Paris - Starting with an easy introduction along a traffic free stretch to the River Seine, before the route joins a mixture of forest and farm tracks that lead to the outskirts of Paris. Largely avoiding the roads still, once again the route follows the River Seine into the heart of the city, to finish triumphant at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.



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