The Boy who biked the world

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The Boy who biked the world

Posted on April 29 in Reviews

The first book of The Boy Who Biked the World follows Tom leaving England and setting off through Europe and all the way through Africa to the tip of South Africa. Along the way you are introduced to the landscapes, people and feelings Tom experiences, as well as finding out interesting (and shhhh, educational) facts, which creates a really involving, interesting and exciting read. 

The following 2 books, take Tom (and you) through the Americas and then through Asia, back to England.

I (and my children) really love the illustrations, with Tom's list's, postcards and journal entries scribbled on the pages throughout, which really engages the children. It's written by the Adventurer (and normal person) Alastair Humphreys, from his personal experiences of cycling 46,000 miles around the world, over 4 years. He's no newcomer to adventures either, and has written other books, including Micro Adventures which we'll bring you more info on soon too.    

Overall: A superb set of books, very clever, nicely written, interesting & inspiring. Well worth buying.

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