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Vallon sunglasses

Posted on January 17 in Reviews

VALLON is a company who has been producing stylish performance sports eyewear for a while, but has just launched the new unisex ‘Watchtower’ sunglasses, aimed specifically at cyclists, for both on and off-road gravel use.

The frames are made from 85% recycled fishing nets, clearing 1kg of plastic waster for every set of frames, which is fused into Nylon 6; a strong, shatterproof and durable material, which is also flexible to provide a comfortable and secure fit.

The ultraclear Carl Zeiss lenses use RiPel technology – a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that repels water and oils, and which provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and are shatterproof. Depending on your colour choice (see below) the lenses have either a grey or brown tint for enhanced contrast.

They come with 3 sets of interchangeable silicone nose pads to customise the fit (comfort, security and ventilation) and a soft (VALLON) pouch to store them in.

They weigh in at just 32g and retail at £122 (including free shipping & returns and have a lifetime warranty.

3 colours; Dark Teal Copper, Black Smoke and Silver Blue.

See more on the VALLON website


We've got a lovely Dark Teal Copper set, which we've just tried out on the sunny winter trails and were very impressed. The big lenses cover the eyes well, didn't steam up at all and the added contrast that the lenses provided made trail details much more detailed and clearer. With a high brim there is no frame obscuring your view when you have your head down and are (effectively) looking up. They'll definitely replace my Melon (glasses), which I didn't overly get on with.    

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