Welsh Trail centre reopening update

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Welsh Trail centre reopening update

Posted on June 27 in Events

Statement from Mountain Bike Wales on 26th June:

In the absence of specific, detailed guidance to our industry we have come together as a group of riding venues across Wales to co-ordinate our conversations with the Welsh Government and ensure that we re-open our trails as soon as possible whilst minimising risk to riders, our staff, our local communities and the NHS.

For now, all trails remain closed, however a target date has been set of the week commencing the 6 July to open trail centres and pedal-up and push-up venues. This is subject to the travel restrictions being lifted by the Welsh Government. For uplift services, it may be a little while longer. Dates and opening hours will be announced by individual sites according to their situation and subject to the Welsh Government guidance. Every venue is different so make sure to follow individual social media and website for information on reopening.

It will be necessary for all trails to operate at a reduced capacity for the foreseeable future and uplifts will be dependent on a venue’s ability to offer safe transport.

Sites will have their own rules depending upon their individual situation but some common measures apply.

Planning Your Visit

  • Check government guidance, your ride location website and social media before you leave home.
  • If visiting a bike park, complete bookings and admin online before leaving home.
  • Clean your clothing and equipment before you set off and when you get home.
  • Be self-sufficient. Bring:- tools, first aid kit and personal hand sanitizer.  Take:- your litter home, especially Covid PPE!

Respect Staff and Other Visitors

  • If you or anyone you live with displays symptoms, stay at home.
  • Social distance at all times please when; riding, queuing, celebrating your radness, and especially around facilities.
  • Wash your hands, don’t touch your face. Bring and use hand sanitizer.
  • Wearing face masks is mandatory on the uplifts.

Stay Safe

  • Ride well within your abilities – now isn’t the time to be a hero.
  • Protect the NHS; deal with incidents yourselves, try contacting the centre before calling 999.  Remember, emergency response may be delayed.

To allow our businesses to operate with smaller numbers of riders it has been necessary for us to jointly agree a Covid-19 supplement. This is an additional sum on top of normal uplift prices and will be applied by all Welsh riding venues for the duration of the restrictions.

  • Pedal/push pass and E-bike passes: £3 Covid-19 supplement
  • Uplift: £7 Covid-19 supplement

This supplement will not generate profit but will help to mitigate losses and ultimately protect jobs and riding venues. It will be lifted once venues can operate at previous levels. Please note the blanket supplement alone may not be enough for businesses to operate under these restrictions.

More updates to follow via our sites’ social media channels and through www.MBWales.com


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