West Kernow Way

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West Kernow Way

Posted on April 30 in Routes

Cycling UK has unveiled its latest long distance bikepacking route, the West Kernow Way, which will give the cycling tourist a real taste and experience of Cornwall

  • Charity Cycling UK announces plans for 150-mile off-road loop route of west Cornwall starting in Penzance
  • Route to be launched for September to avoid the “summer rush” as a part of Cycling UK's EXPERIENCE project
  • Called West Kernow Way, the route will create a Cornish experience celebrating the landscape, culture and history of the region

Called the West Kernow Way, the 150-mile route begins and ends in Penzance and is designed to be ridden over three to four days. It will take in many of the highlights of the western half of the Cornish peninsula, including the Botallack tin mines, the Bronze Age monument Mên-an-Tol, Land’s End, St Michael’s Mount and Lizard Point.

The charity has been working for more than a year on developing the route, speaking with landowners while plotting and recceing a route using bridleways, byways and quiet stretches of country roads. The West Kernow Way aims to take adventurous cyclists on a route which will give them the best of Cornwall, while avoiding the most popular tracks and trails.

Sophie Gordon, Cycling UK’s campaigns officer behind the creation of the West Kernow Way said:

“With the West Kernow Way, Cycling UK wants to create an experience for the visiting cyclist. The landscape has so much to offer, from the natural beauty of Lizard Point to the wilds of the north coast, but we want to dive into the culture and history of Cornwall too.

“The benefit of cycling off-road along the West Kernow Way is that you will steer clear of the crowds, and be able to visit the sites and find the hidden gems of Cornwall, all without filling the lanes with another car. There’s no doubt about it, it will be a challenging ride – but that’s even more of an excuse to tuck into the excellent Cornish cuisine!”

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