Welsh Coast 2 Coast route map and guide

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Welsh Coast 2 Coast route map and guide

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At last; an epic Welsh C2C off-road route which a country, famous for its mountain biking, deserves. This is a true epic adventure, passing through the very wild and rugged natural trails of Wales, while also linking 7 awesome trail centres together along the way to create an amazing journey. It may be new, but it is already becoming a real classic and provided a ride of a lifetime for many.   

The route comes on 4 A5 leaflets which fold out for easy navigation, using full Ordnance Survey mapping with accompanying directions and route profile, as well as providing information on recommended accommodation and refreshment stops along the route.

VIDEO: Watch a nice 1 minute video of the ride, done by Visit Wales HERE  

NOTE: See for Route News & Updates for the latest tips and advice.



  • Welsh Coast 2 Coast route map and guide

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