Pollok Country Park

Three mountain bike circuits, green, blue and red grade, totalling (just) 3km in length, set in the heart of Glasgow, located close to National Cycle routes 7 and 75, in Pollok Country Park. 

You can mix and match different combinations and explore further (non-waymarked) trails in the park too. 

The Green Circuit - This is an ideal introduction into the feel of Mountain Biking. This circuit offers a gentle ride in the woods that can perhaps progress to be a warm-up session for the more challenging routes.

The Blue Circuit - Requiring skill and concentration to gain the best out of your bike and yourself, this route proves to be slightly more challenging. Steep terrain, varied surfaces and the chance to get your wheels of the ground the Blue Circuit is for the more adventurous.

The Red Circuit - This is more of an indication of the terrain you will meet in the mountains. Not for the faint hearted, the Red Circuit offers you the opportunity to challenge your abilities and implement accurate riding skills.

WHERE: Bellahouston, Glasgow G41 4SN

Route type: Short XC trails