Wych Lodge Bike Park, Taunton

Wych Lodge Bike Park formerly O.P Trails is a free to use facility run by local riders in cooperation with Forestry England. A series of fast flowy mtb trails for a range of skill levels.

A short cycle from Taunton town centre, Wych Lodge Woods is home to a small community bike park project. Providing off road cycling trails suitable for most abilities A 2.5km forest road loop around a fishing lake links the two MTB areas. Allowing for lap after lap with 7 downhill trails to choose from.

The project began 20 years ago, by Andrew Hughes.  Over the years the trails previously known as Orchard Portman developed from small log jumps and raked out single track, to what it is today, 7 off road trails, featuring, jumps, berms and drops totalling over 5km of fun, with plenty of other jibby features around to keeping you entertained all day & much more is planned for the future.

WHERE: ​The trails are located alongside the Herepath bridleway. TA3 5BN 

The facility is manitained by a group of Wych Lodge Bike Park club volunteers in co-operation with Forestry England. This is a free to use facility for all users, and users do so entirely at there own risk please be respectful of others, give way on shared paths and obey any signage in place.

Wych Lodge Bike Park, Forestry England and/or any individual directly or indirectly involved with the project accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury , however so caused. Please take all reasonable steps to ensure your own and others safety, be careful, polite and keep it clean.

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