Jubilee River, Windsor

The main routes on this map are based on the Jubilee River Cycleway, its eastward extension into Slough Linear Park and the section of the Thames Valley Cycle Route that passes through the area. These routes are all part of the National Cycle Network, National Routes 61 and 4. This leaflet shows where these routes are and how they can be easily accessed via links from the built-up areas around Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead and the surrounding villages.

The seven-mile-long man-made flood channel was constructed by the Environment Agency and opened in 2002. Running between Maidenhead and Windsor, it provides a haven for fish, birds, animals and people. Highlights include the ‘Dorney Wetlands’, an area specially created to provide a superb breeding and feeding habitat for many bird species. A well surfaced 3-metre-wide path follows its entire length, with most of this being available to cyclists. National Route 61 starts at the A4 bridge at Taplow and follows the Jubilee River before branching off at The Myrke continue eastwards through the Slough Linear Park. 

Route type: Family